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The extended family is a force

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Among the Akan peoples of Africa, the extended family is the foundation of society. In a multitude of variations and background colors, the Akan cloth symbolizes strong family bonds, the value of family, collective work, plus responsibility and cooperation. Like a military  force, members of the family are collectively  responsible for the material and spiritual well-being, the physical protection, and the social security of all its members. The Akan cloth was designed to celebrate and reinforce such positive attributes of the extended family system.

This design is from is an Asante Kente cloth, the national cloth of Ghana: The Asante are one of the Akan peoples who live in parts of Ghana and Cote d'lvoire.

akan cloth The Language of the Kente Cloth of the Akan and Ewe of Ghana

The hand-woven kente cloths of the Asante and Ewe of Ghana bring color and beauty into their lives, as well as to indicate one’s status and to evoke certain messages. The cloth tells a story and some claim that woven textiles are the ancestors of written texts. Textile weaving provides a way in which to establish their identiy through metaphorical use of symbols and signs. The kente cloths of the Asante and Ewe of Ghana teach many things: history, social and political organization, mathematics, language arts such as poetry and folk stories, and their belief sysrems.

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